Image of TAILWAG Wallet

Made out of 100% carbon fiber, the Tailwag Wallet is a minimalist accessory that allows you to carry all your goodies, together and with great accessibility in an exquisite flat matte dry carbon finish for extreme durability, AND safety - yes, the Tailwag Wallet will protect your credit cards from RFID readers and scanners.

- Front clip holds up to 12 credit cards or 30 paper bills
- Rear compartment holds up to 10 paper bills and 5 business cards
- Inside compartment holds up to 6 cards/ID's not frequently used

Rear compartment allows access to cash by sliding thumb/thumbs in one direction and business cards in the opposite direction.

The carbon Fiber clip can be separated from the body of the wallet and can be used separately if chosen to.

Size: 9cm x 6cm x 1.5cm

You can access and view a tutorial here: